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NYT Op-Ed Discusses Mo. Bill That Would Impose Abortion Care Restrictions on Gun Purchases

Noting that many state legislatures recently have been "finding new ways to expand the right to bear arms" and "tromping on reproductive rights," Gail Collins in a New York Times opinion piece describes a "fascinating" new Missouri bill (HB 1397) sponsored by state Rep. Stacey Newman (D) that would "treat Missourians seeking to buy firearms the same way it treats Missourians seeking to end a pregnancy."

According to Collins, "Missouri has piled so many unnecessary requirements on abortion providers that it's down to one clinic in St. Louis." She explains that while the bill would not "limit the state to one gun store," it would "requir[e] that residents buy their guns at a licensed dealer located at least 120 miles from their homes." She continues, "After cooling their heels in a local motel for three days, the prospective buyers would have to listen to a lecture about the medical risks associated with firearms and view pictures of people with fatal gun wounds."

The bill is not expected to pass "or even get a hearing in the [conservative]-dominated legislature," Collins continues. She writes, "[W]hen it comes to civil liberties, there's currently far more concern in this country over the right to buy weapons than there is over a woman's right to control her own body" (Collins, New York Times, 12/10).