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NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Backs Ballot Measure To Revise District-Drawing Process

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio has endorsed a ballot measure (Issue 1) that would revise the process for drawing legislative districts, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Issue 1 Details

Issue 1 would establish a seven-member panel that would be charged with setting district boundaries. The new lines would be drawn following the 2020 U.S. Census. The map would be in effect for a decade if at least two members from the majority and minority parties support it. Otherwise, it would be in place for one four-year state electoral cycle (Balmert, Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/29).

According to the Columbus Dispatch's "The Daily Briefing," the majority party in the state currently can draw district lines to favor the party. Supporters of Issue 1 are hopeful that it would make the district drawing process more fair (Siegel, "The Daily Briefing," Columbus Dispatch, 10/29).

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio: 'End Today's System'

NARAL says polling finds that most Ohio residents support abortion rights. Despite this, a conservative-dominated legislature has passed several new abortion restrictions over the last five years.

Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, said, "NARAL knows that for women to truly be empowered, they must be able to decide whether to have children and when to have them," she added, "For voters to be truly empowered, we must end today's system that lets politicians pick their voters by designing their own districts" ("The Daily Briefing," Columbus Dispatch, 10/29).