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Ill. House approves contraceptive access bill

The Illinois House on Thursday voted 61-52 to approve a bill (HB 5576) that would facilitate access to contraception, the AP/Franklin Daily Journal reports (AP/Franklin Daily Journal, 4/21).

The bill requires individual and group health insurance policies sold in the state to cover all FDA-approved contraceptive drugs, devices and products. In addition, under the bill, insurers would have to cover the dispensing of a 12-month supply of contraception (HB 5576, accessed 4/22).

The measure comes as Illinois lawmakers consider another bill (HB 5809) aimed at facilitating contraceptive access. Under that measure, pharmacists would be allowed to prescribe and dispense oral contraception and hormonal patches (Women's Health Policy Report, 4/7).

Lawmakers on Thursday also approved a bill (HB 5160) that would exempt feminine hygiene products from sales tax (AP/Franklin Daily Journal, 4/21).