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Format and Frequency Options

Our daily Women's Health Policy Report is published every business day (excluding federal holidays and days the federal government is closed for inclement weather). We also offer a weekly version that features our editors' top 10 picks of the week, and a monthly publication summarizing scholarly articles on an array of timely women’s health and reproductive rights topics called the Women’s Health Research Review. When you sign up for Women’s Health Policy Report, you’ll also receive our celebrated publication Repro Health Watch, which highlights reproductive rights trends we’re seeing in the states.

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Note: To receive a text-only version (optimized for reading on mobile devices), please follow the instructions included at the bottom of each issue of the e-mail report.

Reprint Policy and Permission

The National Partnership holds the copyright for the content printed in the Women's Health Policy Report, Repro Health Watch and Women’s Health Research Review, but not for the source material we reference.

With proper attribution, we are happy for you to reprint or post our content online.

Note: Please email us with your intent to use our content and include the following credit and hyperlink:

Source: Women's Health Policy Report, published by the National Partnership for Women & Families,

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the content sources and what issues are covered?

The daily report searches more than 300 sources, including newspapers, magazines, journals, press releases, web sites and other sources for relevant stories. Topics include:

Abortion, with a focus on national policy issues or judicial decisions;
Contraception, with a focus on access to contraception, clinical studies, and state and national policies.

Will the service continue to be free?

Absolutely! The National Partnership is committed to providing this service free-of-charge.

How can I access old articles?

Archives of the Women’s Health Policy Report are accessible and searchable on this site (2006 to present) and on (1989-2007).

Who subscribes to the daily report?

Quite simply, anyone with an interest in women's health, including advocates, academics, students, policymakers, government officials and members of the general public.